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Decision Making: Office Technology

In an extremely competitive business like Office Technology, it is easy choose to work with a company simply off of whoever offers the “cheapest price.” While the least expensive offers can seem like the most attractive choice, it is important to consider factors that will have a much greater lasting impact on your operation.

In today’s world, price is certainly an important factor, but there are other factors that should be weighed in planning for your operational success.

  • Lease or buy?  Leasing is the most common plan as it allows for better flexibility with available capital, but it is important to choose the best lease term to match your business needs.  Whether you are leasing or buying, remember to take into account the expected product life, changing technology and price.
  • Which product or solution is best for your needs?  Matching your needs with the available products or solutions is also a significant consideration.  Choosing a quality product line, and a specific product or solution that matches your needs as far as applications, speeds, and volumes, will go a long way to determining your long-term satisfaction.
  • Is it backed by great local service and support?  Experience has taught us all that office equipment and technology performance is dependent on the quality of service and support it receives.  This is a critical area where everyone promises great service, but not everyone delivers.  Product and service references from your area are well worth the time and effort to prevent a painful and lasting mistake. Learn about our service and support plans.

Though all this may seem like a lot to consider for something as simple as office technology, making the best decisions will have a long lasting impact on eliminating headaches and improving efficiency in any organization.

Choosing the right partner for your office technology, can ensure that you get not only a fair price, but also the best acquisition plan, the right products and solutions, as well as great service and support.

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